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About Leather

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Our truly unique leather is a hallmark to all the goods designed and created with euroleather materials. We devote many hours hand selecting and producing the finest leathers available today. With careful inspection, we look for grain consistency, which means the leather will absorb color, uniformly when dyed. Our leathers are selected for natural appearance, with distinctive markings that impart unique character.

The natural surface of leather is like a landscape, with varying textures and shadowy furrows. These distinctive features are unique to genuine leather, a product which has been raised rather than engineered. No two hides will be exactly alike, as with all things in nature. Different grades of leather are finished and wear differently as a result. Ensuring you individuality.

The descriptions located under the leather collections menu tab will help you choose the right leather for you lifestyle. After all, it will cover quality designed products designed to last a lifetime.

Common Leather Markings
• Cattle ranchers use distinctive brands to identify their
steers, these brands are rarely seen on furniture.

• Healed scratches from barbed wire nicks are common
markings on a unaltered hide.

• Pore patterns (the hide’s grain) distinguish the surface
of the unaltered hide.

• Neck and shoulder wrinkles look like furrows.

Amazing Facts About Leather

1) Leather Outlasts Fabric Four-to-One:

Leather is 50% stronger than other upholstery and could have useful life of 15-20 years

2) Leather offers Year Round Comfort

Leather “breaths,” so it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3) Leather is Extremely Durable

Strong enough to resist tearing, even along the seams, leather has natural oils that prevent cracking, flaking, tearing of peeling.

4) Leather Ages Well

Leather is very flexible, so it will retain its shape and look new for years. Plus unlike fabric, it acquires a natural patina and becomes softer with age.

5) Leather Color Stays Vibrant

Each leather hide is completely immersed in dye until it penetrates al the way through to create a deep, rich color that will remain beautiful throughout the life of the leather.

6) Leather is Easy to Care for

Ideal for any lifestyle, leather simply requires a mild dusting or wiping to keep it looking good.

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